The Art of Being UNIQUE

To offer to each Mascheroni customer a unique experience of elegance, a Special Order service is available. The Special Order is the quintessence of the Mascheroni spirit.

Bold creativity
On the cutting edge of traditional craftsmanship and creative audacity, it extends the magic of luxury by allowing extreme personalisation.
Felix_2 copia

Ethnic Taste

The entire order was conceived in a double version, the first involves a covering made entirely of Rubelli fabric, as in the case of the Felix modular seating system, completely covered with a macro texture that becomes a decorative element with an ethnic flavor.


Textures and Colors

The rest of the order, including the Morgana model armchairs, was instead made in the matching version with front in Rubelli fabric and back in Mascheroni leather, in a harmonious combination of textures and colors.


Softer and more exciting to the touch

The Morgana armchairs have been upholstered, bringing to a harmonious combination of textures and colors in the combined version with front in Rubelli fabric with natural features, almost as if it were a silk, a linen, a cotton, and AF81 Mascheroni leather back, an ox hide leather 1,5 mm thick, chrome tannage, aniline-dyed in vats, natural grain, full grain, an elegant and extremely soft leather. 


Strong aesthetic consistency

The products maintain a strong aesthetic coherence with each other, avoiding monotony, as in the case of the material surfaces in the Gemma chair, made of Tadao fabric by Rubelli and skilfully mixed with the vibrant energy of the vegetable leather Mascheroni, thus elements are born that blend together of them until they merge into a perfect chord.

Cuoietto Vegetale
Ox hide European sourced, approx 2,2 mm thick. Vegetable tannage, natural grain, full grain. Leather with pull-up effects that enhances its depth and transparency. Available only in half leathers.

A perfect match

Rubelli's Tadao fabric, skilfully mixed with the vibrant energy of Mascheroni Cuoietto Vegetale leather, thus leads to the birth of elements that blend together to merge into a perfect accord.


The Art of being UNIQUE

Anything and everything is possible in a Special Order. Choose an article from the Mascheroni collections and personalise it added features as long as you can imagine it. We can bring it to life.