New Aura 2020: Rhapsody in blue
Rhapsody in blue: The common aesthetic denominator of the interiors that we present in this tale is pure and blue. Able to create the most different atmospheres, to confer an identity note to the domestic landscape.
New Aura 2020: Cement Couture
A refined mix of codes where different shapes and textures blend in a round, oversize geometry that interacts with each other through new collections and new moods that explore the boundaries of hybridism even more carefully.
Luxury is the time needed to create something beautiful and unique, luxury is the gestures, the artisan know-how, the continuous work, the memory, the ease: luxury is the know-how.
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Giubileo Round
Mascheroni team brings together a multiplicity of experiences, talents and skills. They are skilled workers who share a common passion for the quality.
Be recognized worldwide as absolute excellence in the classic office sector it is a leadership that Mascheroni wants to keep unchanged over time.
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