Its design goes beyond the traditional sofas and recalls a placement conceived in open and wide spaces with a nomadic elegance that refers to its location to open and extended spaces, which can be placed with the same ease in public or residential spaces, singularly or side by side customizable combinations. The sofa landscape consists of single cubic elements that can be combined with one another in infinite ways. It is a modular sofa composed of soft and extremely comfortable chaise longue and poufs. The landscape of the sofa it is composed of individual elements that can be combined together in infinite ways. Cushions with a design that does not need of attachment and can be moved to ensure great flexibility. Solid wood, Elastic Belts, Non deformable foam rubber upholsteries with resinated Dacron covering. Each Italian handmade Mascheroni product is marked with a plate engraved with the brand "Mascheroni srl Made in Italy" which certifies its authenticity.