An elegant, highly functional and versatile armchair thanks to its possibility of various configurations that can be modulated to suit different spaces.
It is clearly named as the famous Los Angeles district, Hollywood the “Mecca” of cinema, while its design is inspired by the interiors of the renowned private jet.
Leather cinema armchair with one engine mechanism ( low voltage direct – current engine). Required positions achievable by pushing the button through which the backrest reclines and the footrest lifts simultaneously. Available as single armchair or in multiple compositions of two, three or more seats. Brass button and cup-holder. Conceived for furnishing luxury home cinema spaces. Internal structure: metal, solid wood and plywood. Internal padding: crushproof foam rubber.  Each Italian handmade Mascheroni product is marked with a plate engraved with the brand "Mascheroni srl Made in Italy" which certifies its authenticity.