Patented leather chaise longue. The structure is made of a special metal frame with high precision metal units that allow the chair to be semi-automatically connected to the load-bearing mechanism. All the metal units are hidden in the piece of wood furniture, which can be made in various sizes, styles and woods and can even be tailor-made. The center upper pivot joint of the mechanism is camouflaged as a small round table. The result is that when you are sitting or lying comfortably in the chair and you rotate the small round table the chair will rotate and adjust to the position you want, giving you the feeling you are flying. Available in 4 variants: Volare, Volare Felice, Volare Nel Cielo and Volare Oh Oh.
Each Italian handmade Mascheroni product is marked with a plate engraved with the brand "Mascheroni srl Made in Italy" which certifies its authenticity.