The House of Mascheroni 2020: Via Brera

The third chapter of our NEW AURA 2020 project which provides for monthly publication of a new story with the concept of “home” as a common theme for MASCHERONI, with as protagonists both products 2019 and some previews of new 2020 collection.This new creativity was titled Komorebi: it is a Japanese word that means “The light that filters through the leaves of the trees”. It is the muted light that filters through the foliage of the plants, it is a mood, an atmosphere. Thin and light, perfect to wrap the feeling that we tried to transmit through these shots where the bedroom is the protagonist. The other source of inspiration comes from an excerpt of poem “Vivere” of Charles Bukowski:

“….and I went back to bed and stared at the ceiling and thought to myself: I really like this, I want to lie here for another ten minutes,and I lay there for another ten minutes and I thought: this is ridiculous, I’ve got lots of things to do but I want to lie here for another half hour, and I stretched, I stretched and looked at the sun among the leaves of a tree outside,and no beautiful thoughts,no immortal thoughts,came to mind and that was the best moment …”