In the end, the much-awaited appointment of the Salone has been delayed until next year, however we do not give up expressing the creativity and positive energy that have always supported our work so far.

What we are witnessing today, the sudden outburst of unexpected events, represents the new normality which we are all dealing and coming to terms with, and will continue to do so in the future. As occurred in the past, the country is being called on to unite, relying on its many souls, on that courage and energy that distinguishes it.

We are actively preparing the future by inventing other ways of thinking about the future and writing our history. Mascheroni is studying a new way of seeing the 2020 Collection, with the hope of being able to soon share the fruits of our work with you. This unprecedented health crisis pushes us to imagine in an even more creative and modern way.Thus new emotions, new dreams could be born.

The history of Made in Italy does not end with the Coronavirus pandemic.
We will come back to do what we love.

In the meantime,
we continue to support you through our website
the social channels and for any inquires do not hesitate to write to

Best regards,
Mascheroni Family