Coronavirus- Comunicato ufficiale Mascheroni(0)

Coronavirus: MASCHERONI Official Announcement

Dear Customers,
Our country and region have been suddenly and severely
hit from the health emergency caused by Coronavirus.
Mascheroni immediately put in place all the necessary actions
to protect the safety of their employees, their collaborators
and to ensure the continuity of the production activity,
technical / stylistic assistance to its customers.
It is important for us to inform you and confirm that,
the Italian Government has adopted further exceptional containment measures, 
in order to counter and contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus
in the Lombardy Region, closing most public and commercial establishments,
for the duration of two weeks.
Despite the difficulties, Mascheroni goes on,
determined to respect as far as possible the normal production times and delivery.
Despite the latest alarming news released by the media,
Mascheroni remains united by the desire to overcome this difficult
moment as soon as possible and by the desire to continue realizing
her dream of bringing the values ​​of  "Made in Italy" into the world.

To do this you must first have a dream.
Then you have to get on the road to be able to achieve it,
in several stages, also knowing how to lose, going through dark and discomforting moments.
But there are never navigations without storms and without difficult moments.
The bigger our dream, the stronger the energy that will be required of us.
It is therefore a compromise between selfishness and wisdom,
between one's own and others' responsibilities,
the way that often allows us to realize our dreams,
without destroying those of others.
From porters to the climbing partner,
to those waiting for you at home.

Mascheroni Family