This patented chaise lounge is the outcome of one of Piero Mascheroni’s dreams: “TO MAKE AN EASY CHAIR THAT FLIES”.

This patented chair consists of a metal base on which a load-bearing steel column is fixed that contains a set of sophisticated transmission units houses in an oil bath and that supports and transmits movement to a steel shaft in such a way that the chair itself does not touch the ground. A pivot joint at the top of the column allows you to rotate the chair clockwise or anticlockwise.

All the metal units are hidden in the piece of wood furniture, which can be made in various sizes, styles and woods and can even be tailor-made. The center upper pivot joint of the mechanism is camouflaged as a small round table. This patented system allows for many other innovative ideas since it can be housed in a wall and hidden by wood paneling, thus allowing the chair to be fitted to the wood paneling so that it looks like it’s floating in air.

Obviously, without losing any of its features, including the ability for you to change position. The structure of the chaise longue is made of a special metal frame with high precision metal units that allow the chair, once it has been upholstered in the colour and style desired, to be semi-automatically connected to the load-bearing mechanism hidden in the piece of furniture. This is very briefly how the chair has been made, the outcome of love, passion, imagination, research, design, taste and lots and lots of work.

The result is that when you are sitting or lying comfortably in the chair and you rotate the small round table, with very little effort, the chair will rotate and adjust to the position you want, giving you the feeling you are flying.