“We believe that this collection will be produced in a very few pieces as it is destined only to very special people”.

To try to understand its real essence, it should be compared to an haute couture dress or a luxury jewel, something like a unique piece created and completely hand-manufactured by the best skilled artisan masters. It is mostly produced for prestige and to demonstrate our company’s potential.  Each and every single piece composing the collection is hand-manufactured. Its refined and innovative design created to become a classic of the future, so long lasting and never old-fashioned. Its lightness but at the same time the firmness and the strength of the object. It seems to be actually light and fragile but turns out to be really strong because made of steel, aluminium, ball bearings etc.. Its refined details like the drawers which are completely covered with leather even the internal spaces like a jewel case. We took more than six months to engineer the manufacturing process and we can now say with proud that this product is the highest achievable level.

“The person who buys this article, buys an emotion created to last for a long time”.